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2012 Annual Report

Performance highlights

This page provides a summary of ICBC's key financial and customer satisfaction results. Full text »

Message from the Chair and the Interim President and CEO

ICBC’s Board Chair, Paul Taylor, and Interim President and CEO, Mark Blucher, share highlights of ICBC's 2012 performance. Full text »

Report on performance

This section summarizes ICBC's financial and non-financial performance, and major events that occurred in 2012. It also provides financial outlooks for 2013 to 2015 and a summary of ICBC's actual performance relative to the 2012-2014 Service Plan. ICBC's objectives and key strategies are summarized for each corporate objective, and the results for each performance measure are discussed. Full text »

Management's discussion & analysis (MD&A)

The MD&A provides an analysis of ICBC's financial performance, and complements the consolidated financial statements by providing context and prospective information. Full text »

Consolidated Financial Statements

ICBC's Board of Directors and Executives

Download full report (PDF — 3.8MB)