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Community Involvement Program


ICBC is committed to supporting programs in the communities we serve throughout British Columbia that support the following objectives:

Community involvement program

Support for community organizations

ICBC is committed to investing in programs that support social goals in three areas of focus aligned with our business:  Road Safety; Injury Recovery; and, Sustainable Transportation. 

Allocations of funds to each area will be determined based on opportunities identified, company priorities, and available funds and resources.  Approximately 75 per cent of Community Involvement Program funds will be used to support programs in these focus areas.

Corporate charitable campaigns

ICBC supports employee participation in annual company-wide charitable campaigns endorsed by the Executive Committee.  Currently, ICBC’s campaigns support United Way and BC Children’s Hospital Foundation (“Jean’s Day”).
Approximately 5 per cent of Community Involvement Program funds will be used for corporate charitable campaigns.

Support for employee volunteerism (Giving back to Communities program)

 ICBC recognizes and supports employee volunteerism and team fundraising for charitable causes through our “Giving Back to Communities” program.  Each calendar year, employee volunteers and departmental teams are eligible to apply for a donation to a qualifying registered charity based on volunteer hours worked or funds raised.  Approximately 20 per cent of Community Involvement Program funds will be used to support employee volunteering and fundraising for registered charities.

Funding criteria for external programs

All organizations requesting support must submit a formal proposal to the Community Involvement Program.  Proposals must include the following information:


The following entities are not eligible for funding:


ICBC’s Community Involvement Policy is approved by the Board of Directors.  The Governance Committee of the Board will conduct an annual review and recommend to the Board any changes or adjustments as needed.

Through its responsibility for the Community Involvement Program, the External Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Department will:


The External Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Department will administer the Community Involvement Program in consultation with the relevant business areas.  Funding approvals will be consistent with ICBC’s spending and payment authority policy.