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Employee testimonials

The best way to learn what it's really like to be a part of the ICBC team is to listen to the people who know best: our employees.

“I find it challenging and very frontline. I work with a good group of people who make coming into work easy.” - Actuarial Services, head office


“We have one of the best estimator groups and an awesome manager. You hear a lot of talk at ICBC about teams, but we truly have a great team here.” - Estimator, Prince George


“The highlight is the people I've met. A lot ended up being more than co-workers, they became friends.” - Driver Services representative, Lower Mainland


“With ICBC there is the opportunity to explore different jobs in the Corporation, and opportunities for advancement or lateral moves to different locations and jobs.” - Driver Services representative, Lower Mainland


“It's the sense of community; all the people I've met throughout the years are still my colleagues. When I see them in the hallways, I'm really catching up with old friends—and I'll always have that connection with them.” - Employee wellness coordinator, head office


“I really enjoy my job: challenging, fast-paced and fulfilling.” - Estimator, Lower Mainland


“I’m happy to be coming here in the morning! I just never know what's going to happen.” - Programmer analyst, Information Services


“You think you've seen it all, and something else pops up. It’s been fun.” - Claims examiner, Nanaimo


“We have a strong community presence here. There are advantages to working in a smaller community, especially one where you grew up. But what I find most remarkable for the size of this corporation is how close and personal the working atmosphere is. We have amazing people working for us, committed to their community and their jobs.” - Claim centre manager, Smithers


“I love the variety of calls and files we deal with, and there are great people here. It would take a lot to drag me out of this department.” - Customer Contact Representative, Telephone Claims


“The best thing about ICBC is the people I get to work with.” - Office assistant, Kamloops


“The most memorable experiences I’ve had at ICBC have been the many projects I’ve been able to work on.” - Manager, driver services centre, Abbotsford