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How to buy Autoplan

Find out what to expect when you go to an Autoplan broker's office to buy your insurance.


If you live in the Lower Mainland, it is possible that your vehicle needs to pass an AirCare emissions test before you can buy insurance. AirCare is a provincial Environment ministry program administered by ICBC and TransLink to reduce pollution from automobiles. It measures several key pollutants found in exhaust fumes and compares them to acceptable emission standards.

You need to be tested:

To get your test:

  1. Take your vehicle to an AirCare Inspection Centreexternal link. No appointment is necessary.
  2. Show your vehicle registration documents and pay the inspection fee:
    • $45 for vehicles registered between 1992 and today (good for two years)
    • $23 for vehicles registered in 1991 or earlier (good for one year)

Find out more about AirCareexternal linkand what to do if your car does not passexternal link.

Getting an insurance quote

To choose coverage that meets your needs and get an insurance quote, go to any Autoplan broker.

At the broker's office

Here's what you can expect when you come in to buy your insurance:

Important: You can put the decal on your vehicle up to 30 days before your old policy expires, but it must be displayed when your new policy comes into effect.

Note: When you buy insurance, you must provide accurate information (e.g., principal operator, vehicle use) or else your coverage could be invalid if you have a claim.

Checklist before you buy

Make sure you bring all the right documents:

If you've taken an AirCare test, it's a good idea to bring your inspection certificate, too.

Note: Before buying insurance, any outstanding tickets, fines or debts must be paid.

New to B.C.?

Find out how to register, licence and insure your vehicle if you're a new B.C. resident.

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