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Autoplan brokers are licensed professionals who can help you choose the right protection for you, your family and your vehicle. There are more than 900 Autoplan broker offices around B.C. 

Auto insurance isn't always easy to understand. Your broker is there to can help you compare and customize Autoplan coverage to fit your individual needs—the products you choose, the length of your policy, your payment options and more.

Choosing a policy length

Autoplan policies can last from one day to one year, so you have lots of options to meet your needs.

One-year Autoplan policy

This is the option most customers choose, and many use our monthly payment plan to spread the cost over a year.

Short-term Autoplan policy – 3 to 11 months

When your vehicle won’t be on the road for a full year, a short-term policy might be your best choice. You’ll pay a small surcharge, but the total cost will be less than a full-year policy.

You may want to ask your broker about an optional storage policy to protect your vehicle when it's not being used.

Temporary Operation Permit – 1 to 15 days

This is a good option if you only need a few days of coverage.

If you're going to need several TOPs, you may save yourself money by buying a three-month policy. Talk to your broker about the best options for you.

Renewing early

You can renew up to six weeks before your Autoplan policy expires, if that’s more convenient for you. You should only put the new decal on your vehicle in the month when your current policy expires, though.


Keep your insurance up to date

Be sure the information on your Autoplan policy is correct and current. If it isn’t, you may not be covered if you have a claim.

Talk to your local broker if you’re:

  • Moving (even within the same community) or temporarily relocating
  • Changing the way you use your vehicle (for example, you start driving to work or school)
  • Driving a different vehicle
  • Modifying your vehicle (for example, changing its colour, chassis, fuel type).

Other factors can also affect your insurance, so ask your broker if you have other changes.  

New to B.C.?

Find out how to register, licence and insure your vehicle if you're a new B.C. resident.

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