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Claims and your insurance costs

A big factor in your Autoplan insurance premium is your claim record. The  good news is that the longer you go without an at-fault crash, the lower your  premium will be.

Insurance discount

How a crash-free record can affect your premium

All new B.C. drivers start out on our claim-rated scale at a base rate. Your insurance discount gets better every year you don’t have an at-fault crash. (An at-fault crash is a Collision or Third-Party Liability claim where you’re found more than 25 per cent at fault.) You can get up to 43 per cent off your Basic Autoplan premium if you're at level –9 on the claim-rated scale. Optional coverage savings could be even higher.

Remember that it's not just your own crashes that could count. If someone else drives your vehicle and has an at-fault crash, your claim record may be affected.

If you're a driver with more than three at-fault crashes in three years, you'll pay a multiple-crash premium.

Check out our claim-rated scale chart for details.

If you're in a minor crash

At fault in a crash and the claim doesn't involve a lot of money? You may want to compare the estimated increase in your premium for future years against the cost of paying for the repairs yourself.

To find out more about repaying a claim, talk to your adjuster or contact us. We don't recommend trying to settle a claim independently with another driver. We can help you, even if the at-fault driver is paying the costs.

If you decide to repay your claim, you'll need to do it before your policy renewal.


New drivers

New drivers automatically receive up to 13 months' credit for time spent in the learner stage of graduated licensing. If you had a valid learner's licence for longer than 13 months, you could receive more credit. For details, please see your Autoplan broker.