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Insuring your teen

If your teen starts driving your vehicle, he or she may need to be listed as the principal operator when you renew your insurance.

We suggest getting more coverage until your teen gains experience.

Ask yourself: Do I have the right coverage?

If your teen will be driving your vehicle, we recommend reviewing your coverage needs with your Autoplan broker.

If your teen becomes the principal operator of your vehicle, your premiums will likely increase, as all new B.C. drivers start out on the claim-rated scale at a base rate.

Things to remember

  • A policy promising to cover the cost of repairing or replacing your own crash-related vehicle damage when you are in a collision with another vehicle, person, or object. More about Optional coverage for your vehicle

  • The person who operates a vehicle the majority of the time it is in use.
    Who is your vehicle's principal operator? » (PDF)
  • Your risk of being sued by someone: in legal terms, some third "party" in addition to you (first party) and your insurer (second party). When someone talks about a third-party claim against you, that means you are being sued by a person who holds you responsible for injuring them or damaging their property. The person suing can be your own passenger in a crash you caused. The damage you cause to another person - the third party - is covered under Third Party Liability insurance. What Basic Autoplan covers

  • An insurance category, based on how your vehicle is used, which partly determines what your insurance will cost you. Learn more about Rate classes

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