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​New Vehicle Protection

You love your new car, but can you afford to replace it because of a crash?

After a home, your new car is usually the second-largest purchase you'll make. We have three products you can choose to help you protect your investment.

New Vehicle Replacement Plus and Replacement Cost coverage

If you have a 20 per cent or better claim-rated scale discount, you may be eligible to purchase either New Vehicle Replacement Plus (NVR+) or Replacement Cost coverage which feature:

  • New parts from the original manufacturer (if available) if your vehicle can be repaired after a crash
  • Protection from depreciation and inflation if your vehicle is written off
  • A choice to replace your vehicle, or get a cash payout

With New Vehicle Replacement Plus, we'll replace your vehicle if repair costs are more than 50 per cent of its market value, and we'll reimburse your deductible even if you were at fault for the crash.

Limited Depreciation Endorsement

Even if you aren't eligible for Replacement Cost or NVR+, you can still protect your new vehicle with the Limited Depreciation Endorsement. If your vehicle is written off, it provides you with either a new vehicle of the same model year (if available), or a payout of the original purchase price (or manufacturer's suggested retail price at the time of purchase - whichever is less). If your vehicle can be fixed, repairs will use new parts of similar kind and quality.

Talk to your Autoplan broker about the different coverages and which one is the best option for you.​

Why get it? Here are some examples

  • Nate was thrilled with his new car, and he made sure he had New Vehicle Replacement Plus coverage — just in case something happened to it. Sure enough, it was in a bad crash less than a year after he bought it. The repair costs would have been just over 50% of what Nate had paid for the new car. But because he purchased NVR+ coverage, his car was written off and he got the full replacement value.​

  • When Julie bought her new car, she chose Replacement Cost coverage for extra protection. Her car was in a crash, and she was happy to find out her coverage meant the car's repairs were done with brand-new parts from the original manufacturer.

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