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​Excess Underinsured Motorist Protection

Getting into a collision is stressful enough. Finding out the other driver doesn't have enough coverage is even worse.

When it comes to auto insurance, it's smart to look out for yourself rather than relying on other drivers to have enough coverage. A serious crash could leave you with medical costs for the rest of your life. Excess Underinsured Motorist Protection (UMP) increases the underinsured motorist protection provided under your Basic Autoplan up to a total limit of $2 million.

How does Excess Underinsured Motorist Protection help you?

If you're in a crash where the driver at fault doesn't have enough insurance, Excess Underinsured Motorist Protection will cover medical costs, rehabilitation, and lost wages for:

  • you and all members of your household, in any vehicle*
  • you and members of your household who are injured as pedestrians or cyclist
  • anyone who is in a vehicle that you or members of your household own, lease or rent.

Changes to Excess UMP policy

For policies with an effective date September 11th, 2016 or later, each vehicle owner in the household is no longer required to purchase their own Excess UMP policy. All members of your household are covered under one policy.

Note: Underinsured motorist protection coverage doesn't apply to crashes in provinces or states where the law doesn't allow you to sue and recover damages for injury or death caused by a vehicle crash.

For more information about Excess Underinsured Motorist Protection, talk to your Autoplan broker.

Why get it? Here's an example​

John is in sales and he's on the road a lot for his job. If he’s hurt in a crash, he knows the other driver may not have enough insurance to cover the costs of his recovery.

That’s why he bought Excess Underinsured Motorist Protection. The added cost is a small price to pay for knowing that he and his family will be protected, even if the at-fault driver’s policy runs short.

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