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Report a claim

You can report a claim online or by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Report a claim online or by phone

You can report these incidents online (with or without injuries):

  • Collision: My vehicle crashed with or was hit by another vehicle, person, or object.
  • Hit and run: My vehicle was involved in an incident with an unidentified driver/vehicle.
  • Vandalism, theft, fire, or weather: Damage was done to my vehicle from vandalism, theft or attempted theft, fire, or weather including earthquakes and floods. 

Please note that only the registered owner, principal operator, or lessee of a vehicle involved in a claim may use the online service.

For all other claims, please call Dial-a-Claim:

  • Lower Mainland: 604-520-8222
  • Rest of B.C., Canada, and the U.S.A.: 1-800-910-4222

Replacing one piece of glass with no other damage?

Claims involving damage to a single piece of glass, and no other vehicle damage, can be reported directly to a Glass Express Shop.

Check the status of a claim

Once you've reported a claim online or by phone, you can check the status of your claim online at any time.

Witnessed an incident?

If you've witnessed a crash, hit and run, vandalism, fire or theft and would like to file a report, please fill out our witness report form.

Next steps

Read more about the Steps of your claim.