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Settling your claim

If another driver is at least partly responsible for the crash, you may qualify for financial compensation—a claim settlement. Your adjuster will explain how this works, and what to expect in your circumstances.

Compensation when another driver is at fault

You could be compensated for medical and rehabilitation expenses as well as wages lost due to your injury that are not already covered covered under your own Basic Autoplan policy.

And remember, in almost all cases you’re still entitled to medical benefits, no matter who’s at fault.

Settling your claim

When will I be paid?

During your recovery, your adjuster will check in with you regularly to see how you're doing, answer questions, and ensure that your needs are addressed.

When you're feeling better, you'll work with your adjuster to determine the amount you should be compensated for your injury.

Once you and your adjuster have agreed to an amount, you can usually expect to be paid right away.

Do I need a lawyer?

Our goal is to pay all claims fairly without the expense and delay of litigation. You don't need to start legal action to get compensation for your injury.