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Treatment and recovery

To help you on the road to recovery, we will make sure you're able to get the treatment you're covered for.

Treatment and recovery

Your medical benefits

No matter who's at fault, most people qualify for medical benefits. If you do, your Basic Autoplan policy will help pay for your medical care and treatment.

Medical and rehabilitation expenses

In most cases, you're entitled to medical treatment, and we'll let you know ahead of time what will be covered.

Your adjuster will explain whether ICBC can make direct payment for your treatments or if you'll need to pay first and be reimbursed. If you're paying first, please keep your receipts. 

Your medical benefits include coverage for

Need help?

If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your adjuster to discuss your options for medical treatment.

When another driver is at fault

If someone else is responsible for the crash, you may be compensated (in addition to medical benefits).

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