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Rental cars and other transportation

While your claim is being settled, you may qualify for a rental vehicle, or reimbursement for public transit or taxi fares.

Coverage for rental cars and taxis

If you purchased Loss of Use, whether on its own or as part of the RoadStar or RoadSide Plus package, you may be entitled to

With Loss of Use coverage, you can start using substitute transportation immediately after your claim is accepted.

Note: This coverage has maximum per-day and total limits. Talk to your adjuster for more details.

If the other driver is at fault

If you don’t have Loss of Use coverage, you may still be entitled to a substitute vehicle if the other driver is found to be at fault.

Important: Keep your receipts, you will need them to claim the expense.

Recommended car rental companies

You may choose any rental company, but if you live in an area listed below, we recommend using one of ICBC’s preferred suppliers.

You’ll get benefits such as:

Hertz rental company

Buget rental company

Ron Ridley rental company

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