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Apply for an enhanced licence, ID or BCID

Learn how to apply for an enhanced driver's licence (EDL), enhanced ID card (EIC) or BCID. For driver's licences, see moving to B.C. or new drivers.

Apply for an enhanced licence or ID

If you're travelling to the U.S. by land or water, the enhanced driver's licence (EDL) or enhanced ID (EIC) is a great alternative to a passport. It's convenient, inexpensive, and gives you access to a faster Ready Lane at certain border crossing points.

For air travel to the US and internationally, a passport is still required.

Choosing between an EDL and EIC

Read through the benefits to see which card is better for you. Please note that you can't have both an EDL and an EIC.

BC Services card not available to combine with EDL or EIC

You can't get a BC Services card added to an EDL or EIC. If you would like a BC Services card, simply visit any driver licensing office.

Six steps to getting your EDL or EIC

The most important thing to do when applying for an EDL or EIC is to read the guide. It contains all of the information you need.

EDL guide

To apply, follow these six steps:

  1. Read Your Guide to B.C.'s Enhanced Driver's Licence Program (PDF).
  2. Confirm you meet all the requirements (pages 3-4).
  3. Book your application appointment either online or over the phone (page 12).
  4. Use the application checklist to prepare for your appointment (page 18).
  5. Attend your appointment at one of ICBC's designated EDL/EIC driver
    licensing centres to complete your application (pages 13-14).
  6. Once you receive your enhanced card, activate it online or by phone within 30 days from the card activation date printed on the letter you receive with your card (page 20).

Certificate of Canadian Citizenship

A Certificate of Canadian Citizenship issued on or after Feb. 1, 2012 as ID must be presented with a valid Canadian passport to apply for or renew an EDL or EIC.

The Certificate of Canadian Citizenship and passport must show your full legal name and match each other.

Changing your licence class

You will need to reapply for an EDL each time you apply for a different class of driver's licence.

  • If your current licence expires within six months and you upgrade to an EDL, your new EDL will be valid for five years.
  • If your current licence expires more than six months from now, you can still upgrade to an EDL. The expiry date will be the same as your current licence.

Changing your name or address

You will need to reapply for an EDL or EIC every time you change your name or address.

Apply for a BCID

If you're not a driver, a BCID card provides peace of mind. It's a reliable piece of government photo ID with the same security features as a B.C. driver's licence.

How to get your BCID card

To get a BCID card, you must be 12 or older. If you're under 19, you must get consent from a parent or legal guardian. They'll need to accompany you to the driver licensing office.

To apply:

BC Services Card

Learn more about getting a BC Services card as an alternative to a BCID.