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Towing a recreational trailer

Going on a road trip? If you're towing a recreational trailer, you might have to upgrade your licence. It depends on your trailer's fully-loaded weight and whether the trailer or truck pulling it has air brakes.

This is for towed recreational trailers only and not motorhomes.

Recreational trailers weighing up to 4,600 kg

If your recreational trailer weighs less than 4,600 kg, fully loaded, and you're towing it with a two axle vehicle, you can use a regular driver's licence.

Note: If your truck or trailer has air brakes, you will need an airbrake endorsement.

Heavier than 4,600 kg

If your recreational trailer weighs over 4,600 kg, fully loaded, you need to upgrade your licence.

If the trailer and truck don't have air brakes:

*Exempt: Drivers with a commercial Class 1, 2 or 3 licence

If the trailer or truck has air brakes:

How to check your trailer's weight

Fill up the water and propane tanks as you would when travelling, and include the gear you plan to carry.


The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) marked on your trailer isn't the actual weight—it's the maximum weight it can carry. Operating an overloaded vehicle is dangerous—and illegal.

How to get a house trailer endorsement (code 7)

Study the rules for towing a recreational trailer:

To get your endorsement, you'll need to pass a knowledge test, practice with a learner's licence, then pass a road test.

There is no commercial medical requirement to obtain a house trailer endorsement.

Heavy Trailer Endorsement (non-RVs) heavier than 4,600 kg

For other trailers, you'll need a heavy trailer endorsement (link to types of licences).  For this endorsement you will need to also complete a Driver Medical form equivalent to a commercial licence.  

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