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Translation service

No matter what language you speak, we speak it too


Need driver licensing services and English isn't your first language?

Help with customer transactions

We offer a free, over-the-phone translation service on our driver licensing information line and at select ICBC driver licensing offices.

They can help you communicate with our customer service representatives

Translation can be used for help with transactions—like getting or renewing a licence. Translation services are not available for road tests.

Knowledge test available in 11 languages

We offer our knowledge tests for cars and motorcycles in 11 languages (English, French, Punjabi, Mandarin, Cantonese, Farsi, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Croatian, and Vietnamese). If you require a translation of a knowledge test in a language that we do not provide, an ICBC approved independent translator (PDF) can interpret for you.

Document translation

Approved translators (PDF) or Consulates located in B.C. can also translate documents such as your licence or your driving record if it is in another language. Note: these translators do not work for ICBC and there may be other translators not listed who are also ICBC approved. Fees may be charged for translation services.


Not all translators are able to translate in both directions (for example, English to Arabic, and Arabic to English). Please confirm the translator you choose is approved to translate in the direction required.

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