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Accepted ID

To help protect your identity and privacy, you need to show accepted ID at our driver licensing offices.

Please double-check that you’re bringing the right ID before coming in—it could save you an extra trip or other delays.

Confirm what ID to bring

To ensure you bring the right ID, answer a few quick questions online:

Confirm requested ID

[+] Some Certificates of Canadian Citizenship not accepted

Accepted list of ID

You’ll need to bring two pieces of ID: one primary, one secondary

[+] Accepted primary ID

Primary ID can't be expired.*
*Exception: An expired B.C. driver's licence with your photo on it can be used as ID for up to three years.

[+] Accepted secondary ID

Secondary ID may be expired for up to one year.*
*Exception: Passports can’t be expired.

Additional ID requirements


If you used an immigration form (IMM1442) the last time you got your B.C. licence or BCID, you must bring it with you when

  • renewing or replacing your licence or BCID, and
  • when taking a knowledge or road test.


Each identification document must be an original, or a true copy of the original, certified by the issuing government agency.

Non-English documents

If your licence, driving record and ID are in a language other than English, they have to be translated by an ICBC-approved translator. (PDF)

The fees and services vary for each translator—please contact them for more information.

Name changes

If your name has changed (or is different from the name shown on your ID) you must provide proof of this.

If you don't have the right ID

If you were born outside Canada and don't have the required primary ID, please contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada at 1-888-242-2100.

Otherwise, please contact us.

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