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Driver re-exam road tests

If you've been asked to take an ICBC re-examination road test, we're here to help you feel as comfortable and as prepared as possible.

Once you receive your road test re-exam notice in the mail you have 30 days to book your re-examination road test appointment.

Why you may need a driver's re-exam road test

Why you may need a driver's re-exam road test

Almost 5,000 drivers in B.C. take an ICBC re-examination road test every year. The most common reasons for a re-exam:

  • A medical condition that may affect your ability to drive safely.
  • A crash report, police report or other report indicates you may be unable or unsure how to handle a common driving situation.
  • Your licence has been expired, cancelled or suspended for more than three years, and you haven't had another driver's licence during that time.

When you're concerned about someone's ability to drive

If you're concerned about a driver's ability, notify RoadSafetyBC. A report might trigger either a medical examination or a re-examination road test. More information on reporting your concern about a person's fitness to drive.

What to expect on your re-exam road test

What to expect on your re-exam road test

A re-examination road test will take approximately 90 minutes. In addition to the road test you will be asked to complete a quick traffic signs / road signals test.

We understand that there can often be a lot of anxiety about re-taking a road test. We will do our best to make the appointment as comfortable as we can for you.​

If RoadSafetyBC initiated the request for the re-examination, there is no charge for the road test. 

How to prepare

How to prepare

Before your road test re-exam, it's helpful to review and refresh your driving knowledge and skills. ICBC has driving guides and online quizzes that can help you prepare.

Driving guides

You can read these guides online or pick them up at any driver licensing office:

Road test tip

Pay particular attention to the road signs, signals and traffic safety section.

Online quizzes

Take these quizzes online to test your knowledge:

Professional driver training

You may want to brush up your skills with a driving lesson from a licensed driving school.

Presentations for seniors at driver licensing offices

Some driver licensing offices host special presentations for senior drivers. Visit or call your local driver licensing office to see if they're offering any soon.​

Tips for passing your test

Tips for passing your test

Your driving examiner will be following safe-driving practices and be using the rules of the road to assess your driving skills.

On your test, your examiner will be paying attention to how well you:

  • Keep to the posted speed limits.
  • Look into your blind spots before you change lanes or turn.
  • Apply the rules of the road for intersections.
  • Make right and left turns.
  • Come to a complete stop at stop signs and red lights.
  • Stay in your lane when turning.
Booking or cancelling your road test

Booking or cancelling your road test

Once you receive your road test re-exam notice in the mail you have 30 days to book your re-examination road test appointment.

To book your re-exam road test call:

Metro Vancouver 604-661-2255 Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Rest of B.C.1-888-715-7775 Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

What to bring to your road test

When you come in for your test be sure to bring:

  • accepted ID (your licence and one other piece of id with your photo or signature on it)
  • any contact lenses or glasses you're required to use while driving
  • your vehicle insurance and registration papers
  • any special equipment used to help you drive

Also, it's a good idea to bring a friend or family member who is a licensed driver to provide moral support and to help you get home, especially if your re-exam result isn't successful.

Cancelling and re-booking your road test re-exam 

We understand that things come up. If you need to cancel your appointment, please be sure to give us 48 hours' notice to avoid a $25 fee. If you cancel an appointment for a road test re-exam you should call to re-book immediately to avoid having your licence cancelled.

After booking, call our driver licensing information line to ensure you haven't gone over the deadline for taking your road test re-exam (for RoadSafetyBC initiated road test re-exams only).

Bring a safe vehicle

Be sure your vehicle is in safe and good working order.​

If you aren't successful

If you aren't successful

If you don't pass, the next steps depend on the reasons for your test.

Requested by RoadSafetyBC

If your re-exam road test was requested by RoadSafetyBC, the next steps will depend on your circumstances. Many people who get called in for a re-exam road test have up to three attempts to pass but this is only a general policy.

If you don't qualify, your driver examiner will discuss your results and next steps with you.

Expired or cancelled licence

If your re-exam road test was due to having an expired/cancelled licence, you can book another appointment and retake your exam when you feel ready.​

Retiring from driving

Retiring from driving

You may decide it's time to retire from driving. If so, you can exchange your licence for a free B.C. Identification card or photo BC Services Card at any driver licensing office.

These cards look the same and have the identical security features as your driver's licence. If you have a disabled parking permit, you can keep using it in any vehicle in which you're a passenger. Find out how to retire and turn in your licence.