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Are premiums and the claim-rated scale set depending on how long you've been a registered owner of a vehicle or declared a principal operator of a vehicle on an ICBC policy? Or is it set by how long you've had your B.C. driver's licence and driven claim free?

It depends on whether you are a new B.C. resident or not. All new B.C. drivers start out on the claim-rated scale (CRS) at a base rate (no discount) and gain 5% discount per year of crash-free history.

If you're a B.C. resident, it's based on how long you've had your driver's licence. For new residents a CRS discount is based on their insurance history, so it depends how long they had a vehicle insured before moving here.

Some other factors that affect your premiums:

  • your claims history;
  • what type of insurance you have;
  • what your vehicle is used for;
  • where your vehicle is located;
  • when it's not being driven (the garaging address), or, in the case of most commercial vehicle;
  • where your vehicle is driven.

Insurance quotes are available at your local Autoplan Broker.

To confirm you're situated at the correct level on the CRS, or, if you have any additional questions, please call General Inquiries at:

  • 604-661-2800 in the Lower Mainland, or 
  • 1-800-663-3051 elsewhere in B.C.

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