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Rental vehicle coverage

Rental Vehicle coverage provides Third-Party Liability, Accident Benefits and more for rented and borrowed vehicles—all at an affordable rate.

Many rental vehicle companies offer insurance to their customers, but often at a cost much higher than ICBC's. Plan ahead to get insured at the best possible rate.

What's included?

Get all of this at one great price:

Also, claims on your rental vehicle policy will not affect your claim-rated scale discount.

What should you know about your rental coverage?

What's covered
What's not covered
  • With this coverage you can name as many other drivers on the rental contract as you like.
  • Each named driver and you are covered for rented or borrowed vehicles, anywhere in Canada or the U.S.

Please note that this policy will not provide coverage if:

  • The rental vehicle will only be used by non-B.C. residents.
  • You want a vehicle that costs more than CA$125 or US$100 per day. (These daily limits do not apply to motor homes, a truck or camper rented as one unit, or wheelchair-accessible vehicles.)
  • Any vehicle is used for carrying passengers or goods for compensation
  • The vehicle can carry 16 or more passengers.
  • It is a commercial motor vehicle of more than 5,000 kg GVW.
  • It is a snow mobile, snow vehicle, golf cart, all-terrain vehicle, industrial machine or road-building machine.


What should I remember when renting a vehicle?

Renting a vehicle ahead of time Renting a vehicle when you arrive
  • Buy your Rental Vehicle policy and book your vehicle ahead of time to ensure that your rental company accepts your ICBC Rental Vehicle coverage.
  • Sometimes you will be asked to pay a larger deposit because you are not buying the rental company's own coverage. Be aware of this when you make a choice of rental company.
Automatically get Third-Party Liability coverage for a rental vehicle when you have Basic Autoplan.

If you decide not to or forget to purchase the Rental Vehicle coverage, and then have a claim, the level you carry on the Claim-Rated Scale can be affected.


What else should I know about Third party Liability coverage?

you own and license a vehicle in B.C. your own Third Party Liability coverage can also be used as excess coverage on a rental vehicle.
rental company asks you to sign an agreement accepting responsibility for providing your own Third Party Liability insurance. in this case, the Rental Vehicle policy will provide you with primary coverage.
you do not buy a Rental Vehicle policy. the Third Party Liability coverage from your own vehicle may be used as excess coverage on a rental vehicle.

Note: There are some conditions that apply to your coverage, and you should discuss them with your Autoplan broker before you rent a vehicle.
you have a valid B.C. driver's licence and drive any vehicle that you do not own. you automatically have $200,000 worth of Third Party Liability coverage.

Note: For the coverage to be valid, your driver's licence must not have driver penalty point premiums or multiple-crash premiums owing against it.

For more on this, including conditions that apply, talk to your Autoplan broker.

  • Your risk of being sued by someone: in legal terms, some third "party" in addition to you (first party) and your insurer (second party). When someone talks about a third-party claim against you, that means you are being sued by a person who holds you responsible for injuring them or damaging their property. The person suing can be your own passenger in a crash you caused. The damage you cause to another person - the third party - is covered under Third Party Liability insurance. What Basic Autoplan covers

Facts & Tips

Rented (not borrowed) vehicles:
Coverage is also available as part of the RoadStar or RoadSide Plus package.