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Vehicle registration is the official record of your vehicle and its ownership.

Your vehicle's licence shows that the vehicle is authorized for road use.

Buying, selling and importing a vehicle

Our recommended steps to buying a used vehicle can help you find a great car—and avoid being ripped off.

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Learn more about buying, selling and importing vehicles.

Vehicle history

See if a vehicle has any damage claims with ICBC.

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Find out how to get your vehicle registered, licensed and insured if you're moving to B.C.

If you're leaving the province or moving within B.C., you must update your insurance and driver's licence.

Registering a vehicle

Before you can get insurance for your vehicle, it must be registered and licensed.

Learn more about registering a vehicle in
B.C. »

Licence plates

Find out how to get specialty licence plates, including 

  • Personalized,
  • Farm Truck, and other plates.
Collector & other vehicles

AirCare and vehicle inspections

In the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, most vehicles have to pass an AirCare emissions test. 

Does your vehicle need a mechanical and safety inspection? To find an inspection facility near you, see the list of facilitiesexternal link posted on the B.C. government's Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement website.

Facts & Tips

You can get your vehicle registered, licensed and insured at any Autoplan broker.