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AirCare and vehicle inspections

Before certain vehicles can be registered and insured, they must pass an AirCare emissions test. (Some vehicles need to pass a mechanical and safety inspection, too.)

AirCare tests help keep polluting vehicles off the road.

Does my vehicle need to go through AirCare?

If you live in the Lower Mainland or Fraser Valley, your vehicle may have to pass an AirCare emissions test before its first insurance renewal. AirCare requirements vary, depending on a vehicle’s age.

New vehicles registered for the first time don't have to go through AirCare.

For more information, see the AirCare websiteexternal link or phone AirCare: 604-930-5633.

Vehicle inspections and standards

In some cases, a vehicle may have to go through a mechanical and safety inspection at a designated inspection facility.

To find an inspection facility near you, see the list of facilities (PDF) posted on the B.C. government's Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement website.