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Importing a vehicle into B.C.

Find out how to import a vehicle from another country and insure it for its trip to B.C., as well as after it's been imported.

How to import a vehicle

To find out how to import a vehicle from another country, please see the websites of these federal government agencies:

If your vehicle is registered in another Canadian province, the import requirements of these agencies do not apply.

Provincial safety inspection

In addition to meeting federal import rules, most vehicles must be inspected at a provincial designated inspection facility. This ensures they meet B.C.'s safety standards.

To drive your vehicle to an inspection facility, you'll need to purchase temporary insurance from your Autoplan broker.

Driving a vehicle from the U.S.

To drive a vehicle home from the U.S., you'll need to:


If you cancel the binder of insurance before its effective date, the full premium will be refunded. There are no refunds on binders of insurance once the policy is in effect.

Driving the vehicle to an Autoplan broker

When you arrive in B.C., you'll need to drive your vehicle to

Note: It can save you time and money to drive there before your temporary "binder" of insurance expires. Otherwise, you'll need to purchase additional insurance for those trips.

Required documents to bring to your broker

[+] When you go to the broker’s office, bring the following:

Gifting or receiving a gift vehicle

If you are buying or importing a vehicle or giving or receiving a gift vehicle there may be provincial sales tax applicable and exemptions may apply. Find out more:

If you have more questions, talk to your Autoplan broker, or see the B.C. Government bulletinexternal link (PDF) on vehicle tax. 

Facts & Tips

Don't get stuck with a flood-damaged vehicle

Many U.S. vehicles have been damaged in floods.

These vehicles can't be licensed or insured in B.C.

For details, contact the Registrar of Imported Vehicles.external link