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Selling a used vehicle

Thinking of putting your vehicle up for sale? Here are the basic steps:

Steps to selling a used vehicle
Step 1

Gather the necessary documents

Step 2

Prepare your vehicle for selling

Step 3


Step 4

Complete the sale

Temporary Operation Permit

Is your vehicle currently uninsured and unlicensed? You need a Temporary Operation Permit so potential buyers can take your vehicle for a road test. You can get this from any Autoplan broker.

Need more information?

Please speak to your Autoplan broker.

  • The bottom 1/3 of the document you get from your broker when you register, license and insure your vehicle. The signed certificate must be carried in your vehicle as proof that the vehicle is registered. If you sell your vehicle, you must give this certificate to the buyer.
  • A form available from your Autoplan broker that you must fill out when buying or selling a vehicle. Both buyer and seller must sign it.  Read more about the buying and selling paperwork.
  • A vehicle operation permit purchased to provide insurance and licensing for 15 days or less.

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