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"Ubilt" vehicles and trailers

Utility trailer plate

Ubilt vehicles and trailers can be licensed and insured if they meet B.C. registration requirements.


Starting July 1, 2012, customers registering new light ubilt trailers (1,400 kg gross vehicle weight or less) must provide original support documents for all major component parts used to build the trailer.

This change was made to help protect all customers from fraud and make it more challenging to register stolen trailers.

Registration requirements for your ubilt vehicle or trailer

To qualify for registration, the vehicle must meet equipment standards set out in B.C.’s Motor Vehicle Act Regulations.external link

Original support documents for component parts

For all ubilt vehicles and trailers, you must provide original support documents for each major component part (PDF).

Typical support documents include a bill of sale, manufacturer's statement of origin or a vehicle registration number. If you don't have support documents, you must sign a statutory declaration instead.

Does your trailer weigh over 1,400 kgs?

All trailers that weigh over 1,400 kgs (gross vehicle weight) must also meet these standards:

Apply at any Autoplan broker

To apply to register your vehicle or trailer, take all of your documentation to any Autoplan broker.

You will have to fill out a vehicle Transfer/Tax Form (PDF), which the broker can provide.

See sample Transfer/Tax Form (PDF)

Note: This is a sample only. To transfer a vehicle, you need a valid Transer/Tax Form from an Autoplan broker.

If all registration requirements are met, the broker can issue licence plates and provide you with insurance.

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Facts & Tips

Does your trailer weigh less than 1,400 kilograms?

Most ubilt trailers weighing less than 1,400 kilograms don't required a B.C.-assigned VIN or a vehicle inspection.

ICBC recommends getting a VIN to protect your trailer against theft.