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Golf carts

Golf carts are allowed to be driven at a golf course or to cross the road to get to another part of the golf course. Golf carts should not be confused with low speed vehicles. (PDF)

Do I need to register and license my golf cart?

Golf course owners or operators

Golf carts and utility vehicles owned or leased by a golf course owner OR owned or leased by the golf course operator (if the golf course operator is different than the golf course owner) are exempt from having to register, license and insure with ICBC if operated at their golf course or between two parts of their golf course. 

Note: If you are a golf course owner or operator with golf carts that are exempt from registration and licensing, you may wish to refer to other insurers for golf cart coverage.  ICBC insurance is not available for the operation of unlicensed golf carts.

Golf club members (private cart owners)

If you're a golf course member who owns or leases a golf cart, you'll need to register and license your golf cart.

How do I register, license and insure my golf cart?

To register and license your golf cart, please visit an ICBC Autoplan broker.