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Off-road vehicles

Do off-road vehicles need licence plates and insurance?

It depends what type of off-road vehicle it is, and how it is used.

Many types off-road vehicles, such as dirt bikes and dune buggies, cannot be licensed or insured.

However, some off-road vehicles must have licence plates and insurance when used in certain locations, such as around highways. These vehicles include

ATVs may need an Operation Permit

Before you can license and insure an ATV, you may have to get an Operation Permit.

For more information about these permits, please contact your local law enforcement agency.

Once you have a permit, you can get plates and insurance at any Autoplan broker.

Need more information?

Phone Vehicle Registration Support: 604-661-6638. (We accept collect calls.)

Or, write to:

ICBC - Vehicle Registration Support
Room 235 - 151 West Esplanade 
North Vancouver BC  V7M 3H9

Facts & Tips

Why can't I take my off-road vehicle on the road?

Off-road vehicles generally don't meet Canadian safety standards for vehicles that travel on roads and highways. It is illegal for off-road vehicles to travel on a highway or highway right-of-way.