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Do I have to register my snowmobile?

All snowmobiles must be registered, no matter what they're used for or where they're used. 

To register your snowmobile, go to any driver licensing office.*

When it's registered, you'll be issued two reflective decals and a certificate of registration. The decals must be displayed on both sides of the snowmobile.

*Note: The Burnaby Metrotown location does not offer snowmobile registrations. All other offices offer registration during regular office hours, up to 4:30 pm.

Do I need licence plates and insurance?

Restricted licence plate for snowmobiles

You must license and insure your snowmobile or snow vehicle if you drive on a highway, cross a highway, or drive in a parking lot. After registering it, you can apply for a licence and insurance by visiting an ICBC Autoplan broker.

Your snowmobile or snow vehicle will be issued a restricted licence plate, to show that its use on a highway is limited.

Operation Permit

In addition to registration, licensing, and insurance, a police issued Operation Permit is sometimes required.

You'll need a permit if you use your snowmobile or snow vehicle

The permit tells you where and when you can drive on or cross a highway. It must be kept with your vehicle at all times.

Crossing a highway without a permit

A permit is not always required for crossing a highway.

To cross without a permit, you must make a perpendicular (direct) crossing at

Getting a permit

For more information about operation permits, or to get one for your snowmobile or snow vehicle, please contact your local law enforcement agency.

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