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Designated drivers

Let's hear it for designated drivers—those unsung heroes who choose not to drink so they can get their friends home safely.

Plan your ride

If your activities involve alcohol, make a plan before you head out. Arrange for a designated driver or use other options to get home safely—call a taxi, take transit or call a sober friend.

A designated driver is the person who decides not to drink at all so they can drive others home safely. So choose your designated driver before the first round of drinks arrive.

Be the designated driver

Volunteer to be the designated driver and share the responsibility of helping your friends and family get home safely. As the designated driver, set ground rules with your passengers before you start driving – no drinking in the car, no hanging out the window and make sure everyone buckles up. If your passengers behave in a way that makes you feel unsafe, pull over as soon as it’s safe to do so.

You can promote safe driving and encourage your friends and family to make smart choices. Set a positive example and take your turn to be the designated driver.



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