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Red light cameras

Approximately 60 per cent of all crashes in B.C. occur at intersections. That's about 226 crashes every day.*

Running red lights puts everyone at risk.

That's why the police, the provincial government and ICBC have introduced the intersection safety camera program. For more intersection safety tips, see our intersection safety fact sheet.

"Red light" cameras are set up at 140 of the highest-risk intersections across the province to reduce crashes, injuries and deaths. Ticket revenue is distributed among all municipalities across B.C. to enhance their policing and community-based public safety programs.

*Five-year average, ICBC-reported incidents 2009-2013

Map, video footage, sample images    


Video footage of red light runners

Sample images

For more info about ticket fines, how to pay, and how to dispute, see Tickets and penalties.

Learn more about red light cameras

Research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) shows camera enforcement in 14 large cities reduces rate of fatal red light running crashes by 24 per cent.

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