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Road Safety Speakers

Our Road Safety Speakers tell personal stories about wrong choices made when driving.

Choices like speeding, having a few beers or not wearing a seatbelt. Choices that may have confined them to a wheelchair for life. Killed a sister, a best friend, a son. Saddled them with remorse or sadness.

They have first-hand knowledge and share their stories with compassion and humour. They connect to their audience and challenge young people to think about their choices when driving.

Road Safety Speaker profiles

Seven Road Safety Speakers, including speakers from outside B.C., are available to speak to your school or group.

Click their photos to view their profiles below and contact directly to book.

Kevin Brooks
"I'm out there to help young people stay alive and make good choices in their lives."
Hiedi Cave
"Our lives can change in an instant. No one starts their car believing they’re going to hurt someone. But it can happen. The choices we make behind the wheel can hurt and kill."
Heather Charlton
"I hope the message that young people take away is...  that the thought of losing people that they love is motivating enough that they put a plan into action to get home safely."
Greg Drew
"Kids nowadays seem to think that their actions aren't going to impact anyone else but themselves... [but] their family and friends and everyone else in their community are hugely impacted by anything tragic that happens to them."
Robert Fellows
"Ask yourselves who is running your life... then make sure it's you!"
Ted Swan
"Young people take away from my presentation that peer pressure is the largest part of the equation. They can cave to peer pressure, or take a stand."
John Westhaver
"My story, my words... can help youth make the right choice."



You aren’t just another guy getting up in front of us telling us “drinking and driving is bad, don’t do it”. You go way beyond that. You give us images to remember, reasons why drinking and driving is something to avoid, and examples of how the devastation can spread throughout everyone you love just from a simple mistake you or one of your friends has made. Your story is not only believable, but moving.


You quite possibly could have saved my son's life yesterday.  Who knows what fate would have for his future but after hearing your talk yesterday at his school, his whole attitude towards driving and speed has changed. Anybody can stand up and talk - but you made him listen and think.  Thank you.


We are deeply grateful to ICBC for supporting our ability to host a Road Safety Speaker. We proudly use many ICBC resources and are doing what we can to integrate them into all senior school grades and into different teachable areas.