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Special Event Permit Kit

Hosting an event involving alcohol? Use our Special Event Permit Kit to remind your guests to get home safely.

The Special Event Permit Kit includes materials to help you prevent alcohol-related incidents at your event and encourages people to use a designated driver or other safe options to get home safely.

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What's included?

Each kit is designed for 50 to 100 guests and includes:

  • four posters (8.5" x 11")
  • eight tent cards (poster look-alikes) for table tops
  • two tent cards for a bar or registration table with non-alcoholic drink tickets for designated drivers, and

View the Special Event Permit Kit sample on Flickr.

Special Occasion Support Kit 

Tips for hosts

Before the event

  • Apply for a Special Event Permit from any BC Liquor Store outlet.
  • Hire security as well as a certified Serving it Right bartender.
  • Borrow a “Designated Driver” banner by calling the Road Safety Team at 1-866-661-6651.

At the event

  • Cordon off the licensed area and have controlled entrances.
  • ID anyone who looks under 19.
  • Offer food, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks or mocktails.
  • Remind your guests to designate a driver, or suggest they take a cab/transit or stay overnight.
  • Provide designated drivers with free, non-alcoholic drinks.

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