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Speed Watch

You’ve probably seen Speed Watch volunteers on the job. They’re mostly located near high crash locations, wearing bright yellow reflective jackets. They’ve set up portable speed radar equipment and big flashing reader boards. As you drive by, you get instant feedback on how fast you’re driving. But you don’t get a ticket — unless the police are around the next corner. Then you get a ticket for real if you haven’t slowed down.

Speed Watch works

Speed Watch is a partnership between volunteers, police and ICBC. Research has shown it works. More than 70 per cent of drivers travelling 10km/h over the speed limit slow down when they see a speed-reader board.

Speed a problem in your neighbourhood? Want to get involved?

For information on a Speed Watch group in your community, please contact your local police or call (Lower Mainland) 604-661-2800 or toll-free 1-800-663-3051.