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Investing in road improvements

Why do we spend money on roads? Fewer crashes mean fewer injuries and wrecked cars—and fewer insurance claims. And lower claims help us to keep rates as low as possible. In 2013, we invested approximately $8 million in road improvement projects and studies throughout B.C.

The most recent evaluation concluded that over a two year time period, for every dollar invested, ICBC and its customers see a return rate of five times the investment. And the benefits of road improvements can continue well beyond two years.

How can you fix a dangerous road near you?

Any community can talk to us about road improvement program funding. If you have a suggestion for how to make a road or intersection in your community safer, contact your local municipality, or make your suggestion via our feedback.

We work with engineers to review studies, crash data and other information to decide which projects we should invest in. Often, we fund part of a project, working with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure or municipal staff.

Do you just fund stop signs and traffic signals?

That’s part of what we do. But it’s a lot more.

We look at ways of preventing crashes from happening in the first place, by working with communities to make sure safety issues are part of planning for new roadways.

We also consult with other road safety experts on new ways to prevent crashes. Some of the new technology we’ve tested and is now in place in B.C. includes anti-skid road surface treatments, high-intensity signs, and larger, more visible traffic signals.