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Driving tips for roundabouts

They’ve been around for decades in Europe. Over the last decade, we’ve starting to see more of them in B.C. Don’t confuse them with your local neighbourhood traffic circles. Roundabouts are really just intersections in a circular shape—they force you  to go around a central island and make new vehicles that want to enter yield the right-of-way.

What’s so good about roundabouts? They improve traffic flow. You just have to simply slow down and go around until making your turn instead of stopping and waiting. They reduce serious crashes involving injuries because they virtually eliminate the chance of a head-on collision. They slow you down. And they improve safety for anyone walking or cycling. All without traffic signals.

How do I use a roundabout?

1. Approach

2. Yield

3. Enter

4. Exit

More information on using a roundabout can be found at the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure's roundabouts webpage.