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Safety research

Our Corporate Research department is doing important behind-the-scenes work to help keep our roads safer.

Here’s a sampling of our research.

Child seat replacement

Child car seats are designed to withstand some rough treatment – even crashes.  Our research shows that these seats aren’t damaged in minor collisions.

See our test results and industry guidelines

Head restraint adjustment

Whiplash is the most common type of injury in vehicle crashes.

Head restraints can be a big factor in protecting your neck and back. Our research has helped vehicle manufacturers around the world. 

Learn more about how to use head restraints»  

Right-hand drive vehicles

Thinking about buying an imported, right-hand-drive vehicle? If so, be sure you understand the risks.

A recent study by ICBC shows that right-hand-drive vehicles are more than 40 per cent likely to crash.

B.C. traffic collision statistics

British Columbia Traffic Collision Statistics is an annual report of police-reported traffic collisions.

Since 1995 it has covered police-reported collisions involving a personal injury or a fatality.

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