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For educators

ICBC has worked with teachers and road safety experts to prepare these free of charge road safety teaching resources. These educational materials help ensure that B.C. students develop road safety skills and awareness.

These learning resource packages support prescribed learning outcomes as established by the B.C. Ministry of Education for students in Kindergarten through Grade 10.

Activities in these guides relate road safety concerns to larger issues such as personal and social responsibility, risk assessment and decision-making.

Free of charge

All educational materials and packages are completely free of charge for educators in B.C.

​Teaching resource​Description

Grade K-3: Order RoadSense Kids Activities for Learning Road Safety

Students complete a variety of road safety activities related to staying safe as passengers, pedestrians and cyclists.

Learning resource package includes RoadSense Kids Songs: Walk'n Ride Rhymes CD, and Walk Smart-Bike Safe DVD with K-3 teaching notes.

Students complete a variety of interactive and fun SMART Board road safety activities.

​Grade K-1: Order SMART Board RoadSense Kids Activities for Learning Road Safety

​This SMART Board activity file includes a complete unit of lessons, attached worksheets, embedded road safety video clips* and songs that are easy to learn and ready to use. Each lesson page contains teacher note tabs.

*Walk SmartBike Safe DVD may also be ordered separately.

Grade 2-3: Order SMART Board RoadSense Kids Grade 2/3 Activities for Learning Road Safety

Pedestrian and passenger safety is explored through interactive games and discussion. (Available Oct. 2014)

NOTE: SMART Board RoadSense Kids K/1 is not a prerequisite.​

Grade 4-7: Order RoadSense Kids Smart Choices-Safe Choices​

Road safety lessons support cross-curricular learning outcomes including the real-world practice of leadership, peer support and strategies for dealing with peer pressure.

Learning resource package includes:Walk Smart-Bike Safe DVD with Gr. 4-7 teaching notes.​

Grade 4-7: Order SMART Board RoadSense Kids Smart Choices-Safe Choices

Students will take part in discussions and interactive SMART Board activities designed to teach and reinforce road safety skills. These SMART Board lessons activities include viewing video clips (Walk SmartBike Safe DVD may also be ordered separately), thinking critically, and discusssing and sharing perspectives and solutions


Lesson pages include teacher note tabs for specific teaching points. Strategies for assessment are included. Teachers can select which topics and lessons to teach depending on needs within their classrooms and geographical areas.

Grade 1-7: Download Bike Smarts for children

An instructor's handbook to assist children ages seven to 13 as they learn safe cycling skills.​

Grade K-7: Order DVD: Walk Smart-Bike Safe

Join hosts Daunte and Tiera as they describe and demonstrate the do's and don'ts of pedestrian and bicycle safety. The DVD has teaching notes to guide the use of this resource for K-3 and 4-7 students.​

Grade 7-8: Order SMART Board RoadSense Kids Grade 7/8 Smart Choices - Safe Choices​

Student learning is focused on four key areas: the importance of eye contact with drivers, the dangers of using hand-held devices while crossing streets, the need to be a calm passenger and the importance of planning a pedestrian route with safe crossings. (Available Oct. 2014)​

Grade 8: Order Grade 8 Road Safety Package (Health and Education 8)

Students assess the potential risks associated with a variety of road-related situations. Also includes issues such as personal and social responsibility, and decision-making.

Includes the DVD A Crash Course in Common Sense and Your Ad Here contest poster set of the winning 2012-13 entries.

Grade 9: Order Grade 9 Road Safety Package (Health and Career Education 9)

Students develop and propose strategies to avoid unnecessary risks on the road and in the community. 

Includes the DVD Street Level A Crash Course in Common Sense and Your Ad Here contest poster set of the winning 2012-13 entries.

Grade 10: Order Grade 10 Road Safety Package (Planning 10)

Students analyze individual and societal practices associated with road-related risk reduction and injury prevention (e.g., obeying speed limits, wearing seatbelts, and driver education).

Includes segments on DVD from Your Life Your Choice and Final Marks. Also includes Your Ad Here contest poster set of the winning 2012-13 entries and 180 Video Contest DVD.

Grade 8-12: Order Your Ad Here​ poster set

ICBC's Your Ad Here contest ran for the past three school years, providing more than 500 excellent road safety messages created by high school students throughout B.C.

Posters of the winning 2012-13 entries feature speed, distracted and impaired driving issues.

This set is included in Grade 8, 9 and 10 curriculum orders.

Grade 10-12: Order​ 180 Video Contest DVD

​A selection of winning road safety videos about speeding, distracted driving or impaired driving that were created by 19 to 25-year-olds who took part in our 180 Video contests.

The 180 Video Contest DVD is included in Grade 10 curriculum orders.