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Veteran plates

Veteran plates

In recognition of all that our Canadian veterans have done to defend our country, we’ve created a special plate for you to show that you served.


Who can apply?

Veteran plates are special licence plates available to veterans who served or who are currently serving

  • during wartime,
  • in a post-war capacity, or
  • during a NATO or UN operation. (This includes members of the RCMP and municipal police.)

You must have an eligible vehicle to obtain Veteran plates.

The B.C. Veterans Commemorative Association ( is the authorized service organization responsible for approving veterans' eligibility for the plates. Once you're approved, you can apply to your Autoplan broker for a set of Veteran plates for your vehicle.

Did you know?

The Province of B.C. introduced Veteran plates in June 2004 to honour veterans and commemorate the 60th anniversary of D-Day.

Types of vehicles that can have Veteran plates

Veteran plates are available for:

  • passenger vehicles
  • motor homes
  • motorcycles
  • light commercial vehicles (for example, pickup trucks and vans)

The vehicle can be owned or leased.

Vehicles that don't qualify

These vehicles aren't eligible for Veteran plates:

  • large commercial vehicles over 5,500 kg GVW
  • antique vehicles with vintage licence plates
  • collector vehicles with collector licence plates
  • trailers
  • vehicles with conditional licences (except when the vehicle is owned by a war amputee or a person who's receiving a 100% disability pension)
  • farm tractors
  • industrial/farm wheeled ATVs
  • golf carts
  • snowmobiles

Vehicles that are owned or leased by a company or organization — even if they're driven exclusively by a veteran — are also not eligible for Veteran plates.

Why don't some vehicles qualify?

In B.C., each plate type identifies different vehicles and their uses. Some types of vehicles must also comply with specific safety standards or restricted uses. It would be more difficult for law enforcement to identify these vehicles if all vehicles were allowed to carry Veteran plates.

Also, the intent of the program is to have Veteran plates displayed on vehicles that veterans own or lease for their personal use, like passenger vehicles, motorhomes, motorcycles, and light vans and pickup trucks.

Applying for your Veteran plates

The two-page Application for British Columbia Veterans Licence Plates gives you all the information you need to apply for the plates. You can print a copy, or pick one up at your Autoplan broker.

You can order a set of Veteran plates for each eligible vehicle that you own or lease. The same approved application form can be used for all those vehicles.

It takes up to seven weeks to get your Veteran plates. This includes

  • up to three weeks for the application form to be processed and mailed back to you, and
  • up to four weeks for your Autoplan broker to receive your Veteran plates.


There is a one-time application fee of $5 (non-refundable) that you pay to the BC Veterans Commemorative Association. It covers the administrative costs incurred by the organizations.

There's no application fee for additional plates ordered for other eligible vehicles you own or lease. If you lose your form and haven't already ordered your Veteran plates, you'll have to go through the application process and pay the $5 fee again.

Ordering your Veteran plates

The BC Veterans Commemorative Association will approve your application, and mail it back to you. When you receive the original approved form, take it to your Autoplan broker.

Personalized Veteran plates

Personalized Veteran plates aren't available. The British Columbia Veterans Commemorative Association was concerned that a number of veterans would want some of the same personalized plate slogans. To ensure all veterans are treated equally, this plate type isn't eligible for the program.

Specific numbers aren't available because all plates are issued in a set order. Autoplan brokers are sent the next available plate in the series.

Collecting your Veteran plates

Your Autoplan broker will call you once the plates have arrived at their office. To collect your plates, bring your current Owner's Certificate of Insurance, Vehicle Licence and Registration to your Autoplan broker, along with your current licence plates.

When you hand in your current licence plates to your Autoplan broker, you'll be issued Veteran plates at no additional cost. (If you don't surrender your current licence plates, an $18 new plate fee applies.)

Lost or stolen plates

If your Veteran plates are lost or stolen, you'll need to replace them with regular plates (with an $18 new plate fee) and order new Veteran plates through an Autoplan broker. Once the Veteran plates have arrived at the broker's office, the regular plates will be replaced at no additional costs.

More information

For enquiries about Veteran plates, please contact B.C. Veterans Commemorative Association at 604-770-3498 or visit