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Please see our News item for the answer to this question.

NewMitchell ConnectN/A

​Please see our News item for the answer to this question.

NewMitchell ConnectN/A
On a new estimate, when selecting the point of impact, please do not select "Total Loss" as it will result in an inability to process the estimate for payment. Please instead select the primary point of damage (eg. rear end).

On an existing estimate, if you have already selected "Total Loss" as a point of impact, you must retrieve the estimate, update the point of impact to remove "Total Loss", and then submit the estimate for approval. See the screen shot here.

NewMitchell Estimating/UltramateN/A

​At this time, due to differences in ICBC & shop estimating licenses, estimates and supplements will need to be completed by ICBC estimators only.

What this means:

  • An Express Shop will receive an error message if they attempt to process a heavy duty claim.
  • Heavy duty estimates should be processed in a manner similar to estimates for ICBC’s non-Express Repair facilities (i.e. Base Suppliers)
  • ICBC Estimators must write all initial estimates and any required supplements for these vehicle types (note: they cannot be Express Enabled one-liners)
  • If you attempt to load the estimate it will be shown in “browse“ format only.
  • If you require a supplement to one of these estimates, you will need to contact the Estimator who wrote the original estimate as noted in Mitchell Connect, and advise them of any required changes.
  • After the ICBC Estimator makes any agreed supplements or other changes, shops will be able to submit the final estimate for payment through ARIES Payment Request (APR).

We are working towards a longer-term solution to this process and appreciate your patience while we develop it.


​Please see our News item for the answer to this question


​We've created a new Job Aid to review this process. See it here.

Mitchell Estimating/UltramateYes

​Both the year and vehicle description must be updated when writing an estimate using the generic vehicle category (note the "generic" description that shows as the default). See the screenshot example here.

Mitchell Estimating/UltramateN/A

​Yes -Mitchell's Estimating application will display the message - "The estimate ACV threshold has been exceeded. Would you like to change the Loss Designation to T - Total Loss?" Select 'Yes' to mark the vehicle as a total loss.

Mitchell Estimating/UltramateN/A