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Working with us

We're committed to creating a workplace where employees know they are valued. Employee experience is a priority for us. Our core values are at the heart of who we are and what we do and our employee commitments guide us in promoting growth, well-being and a culture of caring—for our customers, our community and each other.

Our values


  • Our business is based on trust. We are honest, ethical, straightforward and fair.

Dedication to customers

  • We exist to serve our customers. We listen actively and are responsive to their needs.


  • We hold ourselves, and each other, accountable for our actions and the success of our business.


  • We care about our customers' well-being and ensure they feel supported by treating them with dignity and respect.
  • We care about each other's well-being and create an environment that promotes personal growth.
  • We care about our communities by supporting road safety programs and being environmentally responsible.

Our commitment to employees

Everyone is treated with respect and dignity

Our Code of Ethics and commitment to fostering a respectful workplace supports our values of Integrity, Dedication to Customers, Accountability and Caring.
Diversity is valued and inclusivity is expected
Our leading-edge diversity and inclusion program directly engages employees in celebrating diversity in the workplace and is committed to:
  • creating an environment where everyone can contribute fully and thrive,
  • ensuring all employees are treated with respect and dignity,
  • supporting professional development through participation in employee resource groups: Ethnicity, Indigenous Peoples, LGBTQ2+, Living with Disabilities, Parents @ ICBC, Wellness, Women in Leadership, and
  • examining and removing barriers for employees to participate fully in the workplace.

Total compensation is fair

We offer market competitive compensation, a comprehensive benefits package, a defined pension plan and post retirement benefits.

Employees have the knowledge, tools, and team environment to support our customers

We are committed to giving employees what they need to meet customer needs in support of products and services that our customers value. This includes listening to employees via focus groups and regular surveys, providing support for professional skills development programs and progressive investment in our technological tools.

We support the achievement of career goals through development

Our employees have access to a broad range of formal and informal learning opportunities including hands-on experiences like acting assignments or involvement in projects as well as tuition and professional certification reimbursement.

We are focused on continuous improvement and innovation

Our Operational Excellence program and related training support our commitment to making incremental and targeted improvements across our organization.

Recognition and feedback are valued and encouraged

We are committed to building a positive culture of recognition and feedback. We provide our leaders and employees with coaching and feedback training, promote regular employee-focused corporate communications and recognize career milestones through ICBC Service Awards.

Employee well-being is promoted and supported

We look at our employee wellness holistically by supporting physical health, mental health, personal well-being, and providing a healthy and safe workplace.

We also offer:

  • time-off and flexible work programs,
  • voluntary health screening clinics,
  • employee and family assistance program,
  • mental health awareness campaigns,
  • Giving Back to Communities program,
  • Silver Scholarship program,
  • Environmental "Green Teams", and
  • Bike to Work Week and Commuter Challenge initiatives.

A diverse and inclusive workplace

Our employee resource groups are employee-driven communities that connect people across the company and uphold our commitment to supporting diversity and inclusion. Each group held an employee-led activity to create vision statements that communicate the environment they support.


Celebrating the ethnic and cultural diversity of ICBC’s employees and customers.

Indigenous Peoples

Increasing the presence of Indigenous employees at ICBC by building awareness, understanding and support for Indigenous cultures and issues.


Ensuring ICBC is a safe and inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing their gender identities and sexual orientations. Promoting a culture and creating a physical environment that recognizes, promotes and supports the rights of LGBTQ2+ employees and customers.

Living with Disabilities

Respecting and including the needs of people living with visible and invisible disabilities. Encouraging and supporting employees to feel comfortable sharing their needs and experiences within the workplace.

Parents @ ICBC

Helping ICBC’s employees harmonize their roles as parents and professionals by supporting and providing information, community, and resources.


Creating an environment where employee and customer well-being is promoted and supported.

Women in Leadership

Promoting the professional development of women within ICBC and ensuring the organization reaches its goal of having 50% of its leadership roles, at all levels, filled by women by 2020.

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