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ICBC is committed to providing a respectful, flexible and inclusive workplace. Our values are at the heart of who we are and what we do, and our employee expectations guide us in how we support our customers, our community and each other.

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"Every day you learn new things and that's the satisfaction I was looking for."​​'

Swasti, Claims Examiner

Swasti, Claims Examiner

Ou​r values​


  • We collaborate with each other, stakeholders and customers to move all British Columbians forward

  • We consider who we are speaking to and what's in it for them, not what's in it for us

  • We're flexible


  • We demonstrate compassion and dedication

  • We're there for each other, stakeholders and customers when they need us

  • We support our communities through road safety programs and being environmentally responsible


  • We say what we mean

  • We're clear and concise

  • We demonstrate ethics and integrity


  • We know our business

  • We make informed decisions

  • We prioritize learning

Our employee expectations

Our values are put into action through our employees, which is why we have clear expectations for everyone.

Whether you are an individual contributor, a manager or the CEO, the expectations for our team members are fundamentally the same.

  • Accomplish goals

  • Create positive relationships

  • Be flexible

  • Be there for our customers

  • Be there for each other

  • Be accountable

  • Be clear and concise

  • Be self-aware

  • Demonstrate ethics and integrity

  • Understand our business

  • Make informed decisions

  • Prioritize learning

A diverse and inclusive workplace

We are committed to being an inclusive employer, one that reflects the diversity of British Columbians in the communities we serve.

Our employee resource groups are employee-driven communities that connect people across the company and uphold our commitment to supporting diversity, equity and inclusion. Each group is sponsored by a member of ICBC's Executive Leadership Team and their work is guided by an employee-created vision statement.


Celebrating our ethnic and cultural diversity to have a workplace where everyone feels included on a personal and professional level.

Indigenous Peoples

To establish among Indigenous employees, potential employees and customers a sense that their identity and culture are valued, respected and supported by employees at ICBC.​


Ensuring ICBC is a safe and inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing their gender identity and sexual orientation.

Disability Inclusion

Working together to make an inclusive environment that eliminates the stigma of living with visible and invisible disabilities at ICBC.​


Create a support network to recognize, connect and assist caregivers in the workforce.


Creating an environment where employee and customer well-being is promoted and supported.

Women in Leadership

ICBC's Women in Leadership (WIL) ERG aims to create experiences that connect like-minded people together to support women in finding and developing their leadership presence.​