Taking action on road safety

More crashes are occuring on B.C. roads than ever before, leading to more and more claims every year. We’re working to make B.C. roads safer and help prevent crashes in the first place.

Continuing the fight against distracted driving

Targeting distracted drivers through higher penalties

We recently made changes to Driver Risk Premiums so that distracted driving is designated a high-risk driving behaviour. This means as of March 2018 a driver with two distracted driving tickets in a three-year period will see their total financial penalties rise to as much as $2000.

Illustrates the impact of a driver getting two distracted driving tickets in the same year. The financial impact varies depending on when the driver gets the two distracted driving tickets during the three-year period.

Testing new technology

Government and ICBC are moving forward with evaluating and adopting distracted driving technology. ICBC plans to involve customers in a research study to test technologies that limit cell phone use while driving. A second pilot with police will test a new distracted driving enforcement technology beginning in the spring of 2018. A Bluetooth-enabled scope will be the latest tool police will have on-hand to capture distracted driving.
Read more about the pilots.

Education and awareness

ICBC will continue to raise awaress of the dangers of distracted driving through public education campaigns.

Making roads and intersections safer

Expanding intersection safety cameras

Government has directed ICBC to expand B.C.’s intersection safety camera program by activating red light cameras across the province 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Road improvements

ICBC is partnering with the Ministry of Transportation on a dangerous roads initiative to improve safety of the road infrastructure, regulation and signage in B.C.