Making rates more fair

Starting September 1, 2019, drivers will be held more accountable for their decisions and driving behaviours – so that Basic insurance premiums will better reflect the risk drivers represent. Lower-risk drivers will be better recognized for their safe driving behaviours and higher-risk drivers will pay more of their fair share.

What will determine your premiums?

Under the new model, Basic insurance premiums will be determined by a number of factors that fall under these categories:

The driver

There are two key factors in this category: how long you've been driving and your crash history.

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The vehicle

This focuses on where you live (your territory) and how you use your vehicle (your rate class).

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Discounts and add-ons

Considerations that may qualify for a discount and options for unlisted drivers and learners.

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Driver Penalty Points and Driver Risk premiums

In addition, to ensure higher-risk drivers pay more of their fair share, the amounts under the Driver Penalty Point and Driver Risk Premium programs will increase. These are separate from Basic insurance. 

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