Discounts and add-ons

This category includes additional considerations that may apply.


Below are the discounts available today:

  • Disability discount. There are no changes to the current discount for qualifying persons with disabilities.
  • Seniors’ discount. Seniors will continue to receive a discount and will now benefit from more years of driving history being considered – up to 40 years from the current nine years. However, their discount will be reduced after the first at-fault crash and eliminated after the second time they cause a crash within the scan period

Two new discounts will be introduced:

  • Vehicles that have original manufacturer-installed automatic emergency braking technology will be recognized with a 10 per cent discount. In the future, other technologies may also qualify for a discount if they are proven to prevent crashes.
  • Vehicles that are driven less than 5,000 km in a year will be eligible for a 10 per cent discount.      

Think you may qualify for the low-kilometre discount?

You can provide your current odometer reading with your next annual policy. More information is available on the Discounts and savings page.


Unlisted drivers

If you think you may need to lend your vehicle occasionally to a driver not listed on your policy, a new "unlisted driver protection" will be available should they cause a crash. This protection is entirely optional and would be available starting at $50 per year.

If your vehicle is involved in a crash caused by an unlisted driver and you didn’t have the unlisted driver protection, you may face a financial consequence for that. The idea is to ensure that the right incentives exist.

We know that extraordinary events occur - such as an unlisted driver using the vehicle for a medical emergency - and there will be exemptions to recognize these situations.

Unlisted driver protection factsheet

Read more details on our unlisted driver protection factsheet.


If a learner will be using the vehicle, there will be an additional premium to recognize the risk that a learner driver represents. That said, crashes caused by the learner will no longer count against them, nor would the learner stage count towards their driver experience. The premium would range from $130 to $230 per year, depending on where you live.

We recognize that they are just learning to drive and we don’t want to penalize learners for 10 years for the crashes they caused. The learner premium will help cover the costs of crashes caused by learners. These changes recognize that a learner's true driving experience starts once they are licensed - at the novice stage – and driving without a supervisor.