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​Nicolas Jimenez, President and CEO



Hi, I'm Nicolas (he/him). As President and CEO of ICBC, I provide leadership and strategic direction to ensure that we deliver affordable insurance, excellent customer experiences and products that offer among the best protection in Canada.

Since joining ICBC in 2003, I've worked in a variety of senior roles in Insurance, Corporate Development, Driver Licensing and Road Safety. Before joining ICBC, I worked in strategy and public sector management, which included roles in the Parliament of Canada, the Privy Council Office (Government of Canada), BC Hydro and IBM Global Business Services. I have a Master's in Public Administration from both Harvard University and the University of Victoria (yes, because one wasn't enough) as well as a Bachelor's in Political Science from Wilfrid Laurier University.

Outside of work, I enjoy volunteering and sit on the boards of the United Way of B.C., Collingwood School Society, the Business Council of British Columbia and the Canadian Geographic Enterprises management board. I didn't grow up in BC, so I'm still in awe of the physical beauty of this province. It'​s why I try to spend as much time as possible in the mountains, on skis, a bike or on the rock with a rope.