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​ICBC statement on cyclist crash

October 30, 2015


ICBC has issued the following statement to media outlets covering a tragic crash which occurred in the Whistler/Pemberton area in May of this year:

This was, of course, a very tragic incident.

To be clear, ICBC is not accusing the cyclist(s) of anything. The third party notice is to flag any possible issues that should be explored as the court process moves ahead.

Our intentions are in no way to deny a fair settlement to any deserving party. This is very much part of the standard legal process called the pleadings process. During that time, the defense must lay out any potential scenario which may have occurred so it can be considered as part of the legal process. This must be done at the start of this process in order for all issues to be properly considered.

The reason we enter into cases like this, as a third party, is to ensure there is a fulsome defense given so that any settlement given is a fair one. This manages the cost of insurance to all customers. When there is enough evidence or a conviction, we can then look to recover that money if the driver who hit the cyclists was impaired.