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​ICBC investing in Greater Vancouver roads

August 24, 2017

New pathways for pedestrians and cyclists, countdown timers and upgrading a four-way stop to reduce injuries – these are just some of the recent projects made possible by ICBC's ongoing investment in the safety of Greater Vancouver roads.

In Burnaby, you'll notice a new pathway for pedestrians and cyclists on Dover Street from Royal Oak to Nelson Street. The multi-use pathway helps drivers see these vulnerable road users more clearly at crossings and separates cyclists from traffic. New turn lanes were added for drivers turning left at the Nelson Street intersection to reduce crashes with other vehicles, and pedestrians and cyclists at the crosswalk.

Since 1992, ICBC has invested over $48 million in 1,400 projects and studies in Greater Vancouver. In 2016 alone, ICBC invested $1.97 million in 81 projects in the region.

New cyclist and multi-use pathways, countdown timers, corner bulges on curbs to slow traffic, and crosswalks and upgrades to existing ones including pedestrian-activated flashing lights – these are just some of the 16 projects completed in Greater Vancouver in 2016 to help improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

After a joint safety review with the City of Port Coquitlam and City of Coquitlam, Westwood Street from Kitchener to Lincoln Avenue was widened to four lanes with new clearly marked and signed separate lanes for each movement (right turns, through and left turns) which has helped reduce vehicle weaving, side swiping and improved traffic flow.

Crashes and severe injuries were a concern at the intersection of North Fraser Way and Byrne Road in Burnaby. To address this, the intersection was upgraded from a four-way stop to full signalization.

ICBC works with municipalities, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and other partners as part of ICBC's road improvement program. This has led to award-winning road projects and contributions. These projects have made B.C. communities safer and advanced the knowledge of the road safety engineering industry across Canada.

With crashes, vehicle damage and injury claims continuing to increase in B.C., ICBC's road improvement program is showing positive results in reducing crashes and injuries at targeted locations. The most recent evaluation report shows a 24 per cent reduction, on average, in severe crashes – those resulting in serious injuries and fatalities – and a 15 per cent reduction in property damage claims after an improvement is completed.

The road improvement program is one aspect of ICBC's commitment to help make B.C. roads safer. ICBC's road safety investments focus on the systemic causes of crashes – drivers, roads and vehicles – and support programs that are proven to prevent crashes and help keep everyone safer.

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Lindsay Olsen