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April is Auto Crime Enforcement Month: "Who's Picking Up Your Pickup?"

March 28, 2017


The statistics are in and, of the top 10 vehicles stolen in the Lower Mainland in 2016, three were pickup trucks. In the rest of the province, four of the top 10 vehicles stolen were pickup trucks. Across the province, 50 per cent of the top 10 vehicles stolen last year were pickups.

April is Auto Crime Enforcement Month and the Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team (IMPACT), the Province of British Columbia, and ICBC are encouraging vehicle owners, especially owners of pickup trucks, to prevent auto theft and secure their vehicle.

"The province is proud to support the outstanding work of IMPACT. Our roads and our communities are safer today as a result of IMPACT, police agencies across B.C. and ICBC for their ongoing efforts to reduce auto crime," says Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Morris. "But let's protect the gains we've made and don't rush to leave your truck.  A final double-check that you've locked and have no valuables in sight can help make sure it will be there safe and sound when you return to pick up your pickup."

While theft of vehicles was down 4.8 per cent, IMPACT's data shows that Ford F Series pickup trucks were the most common vehicle stolen in B.C.—1,209 stolen in 2016. This is closely followed by Dodge, GMC/Chevy and Toyota pickup trucks. Every day, an average of 32 vehicles of all types were stolen in B.C. in 2016.

Older vehicles are easier targets because they are less likely to have an electronic engine immobilizers installed.

IMPACT is also warning people to be alert and simply not leave items on display in their vehicles. Theft of property from a vehicle was up 10.7 per cent in 2016.

"We urge the public to do their part to reduce auto crime," says Inspector Brian MacDonald Officer in Charge of IMPACT. "Lock your vehicle, protect your keys, use an antitheft device, and remove valuables from your vehicle. This will go a long way to prevent auto crime. Remember, your vehicle is a display case for thieves. Don`t make it easy for them."

"It's important to make a deliberate effort to protect your vehicle from auto crime," says Steve Crombie, vice president responsible for road safety at ICBC. "Thieves are adapting and changing their strategies to get into your car or truck, so don't leave your keys unguarded and lock your vehicle at all times. We stand by our continued investment in auto crime prevention because it benefits everyone and helps control claims costs and keep insurance rates as low as possible."

Don't give thieves the satisfaction of driving away in your pickup truck or stealing your personal items.

Keeping your vehicle safe requires a conscious effort by all vehicle owners. Here are some anti-theft tips for truck owners:

  • Don't leave your vehicle running and unattended with the key in the ignition.

  • Park in a locked garage, or a well-lit, highly-visible, high-traffic area. Back into a parking stall, and park with your truck's tailgate close to a building or other vehicle to prevent the tailgate from being opened.

  • Remove unsecured possessions from your vehicle—smartphones, shopping bags, tools, cash, briefcase, or garage door opener. Remove everything that could tempt a thief..

  • Install an alarm system in your vehicle with a tailgate actuator that locks at the same time as the other doors.

  • Attached an antitheft device. A well-secured car will deter thieves.

  • Always lock your tailgate. Many trucks have factory-installed locks, and aftermarket lock assemblies are also available. Or, attach a tailgate padlock, simple hose, or a locking easy clamp where the tailgate lifts out.

  • Report suspicious persons, vehicles, or activities to police as soon as possible.

More safety tips can be found at:  

For more information and to see the "Top 10 Auto Crime Offenders" and "Top 10 Items Stolen from Vehicles," please see:

Released by:

Corporal Rob Stephenson
Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team (IMPACT)
Office: 778-290-3871
Cell:  604-306-0644

Sam Corea (ICBC)