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​Windshield chip season has arrived – find out how you can get it fixed for free

​ January 6, 2021

It can be seen as a rite of passage when you get your first chipped windshield up North. Highway driving is the norm for most of us, and while getting from A to B quickly is a plus, driving around trucks kicking up gravel, dirt, and salt could mean dents on your car and chips on your windshield.

While the sight of a chip on the hood may make you wince, an unattended chip on your windshield could actually spell bigger safety problems you may not be aware of. A clear, undamaged, windshield’s purpose is not just to help you see the deer up ahead, it can also save you in a crash. In a collision, a windshield can reduce the impact to you, it makes sure your front airbags deploy properly, and it helps prevent the roof from caving in during a rollover. 

Seeing how important a windshield is to your safety, now is not the time to DIY this fix with nail polish or crazy glue; get the pros to fix it for you instead. If you’ve got Comprehensive coverage with ICBC and the damage fits the bill, you can get your chip fixed absolutely free. That means you won’t have to pay a deductible or get dinged on your insurance in the future for getting the work done.  

So the next time you’ve got a chip, here are some tips:

Check your insurance​​

​Check that you’ve got Comprehensive coverage with ICBC. Got it? Good. Now onto the next tip.

Measure the chip​​

If the chip is the size of a loonie or smaller, you may be able to get it repaired for free through your ICBC Comprehensive coverage.

Find a qualified glass shop who can help​

ICBC Glass Repair Network facilities have certified technicians that can tell you if they can do a repair at no cost to you, or if they have to replace the entire windshield. If it’s just a repair, you can probably drive away from the shop without paying a cent.

​Follow the adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Getting a chip repaired is typically much more cost effective than replacing your entire windshield, and eligible windshield repairs can be repaired free under ICBC Comprehensive coverage. To save yourself some money, head over to a shop while the problem is small.

Your time is your money​

It typically takes about an hour to repair a windshield. Replacing one can easily take up half your day.

Get it fixed, now​​

Chips can turn into a large cracks, especially during this time of year when we’re in and out of the freeze/thaw cycle. Have your chip sealed before your w​indshield looks like a spider’s web.

Check out this page​ to learn more about windshield repair and replacements.