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Claims and your insurance costs

A big factor in your Autoplan insurance premium is your claim record. The good news is that the longer you go without an at-fault crash, the lower your premium will be.

Changes coming to how we determine Basic insurance premiums

Changes come into effect September 1, 2019 and will include changes to how claims impact your premiums. Find out more about how we're making rates more fair.

How at-fault crashes affect your premium

Under the current system, all new B.C. drivers start out on our claim-rated scale (CRS) at what's called a base rate (CRS level 0).

Your insurance discount gets better every year you don't have an at-fault crash (a crash that you’re found responsible for). See our claim-rated scale chart for details.

Under the new system starting September 1, 2019, at-fault crashes will have more of an impact on your insurance premium than they do today.

In general, the more you crash, the more you will pay in insurance. However, the Basic insurance discount you receive for years of crash-free driving will be extended and we will recognize up to 40 years of driving experience (today, customers stop receiving discounts after nine years). That means you’ll see safe driving discounts for much longer than you do today.

Repaying a claim to protect your premium

Under the new system, we’re also changing the rules around repaying a claim.

Currently, if you’re at-fault in a minor crash, it may make financial sense to repay the claim in order to preserve your insurance discount. However, this allows some drivers to mask the true risk they represent.

Starting September 1, 2019, only claims less than $2,000 can be repaid.

Learn more about the changes

Find out more about how driving experience and crash history will impact your insurance premiums starting September 2019.