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Claims and your insurance costs

A big factor in your Autoplan insurance premium is your claim record. The good news is that the longer you go without an at-fault crash, the lower your premium will be.

Changes coming to help make rates more fair

The British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) has approved changes that will improve fairness in how we set drivers' Basic insurance premiums, including changes to claim repayments and how crashes affect your premiums. Find out more about how we're making rates more fair.

How a crash-free record can save you money

All new B.C. drivers start out on our claim-rated scale (CRS) at what's called a base rate (CRS level 0). Out-of-province drivers moving to B.C. may start at a different level based on their previous insurance history.

Your insurance discount gets better every year you don't have an at-fault crash - a Collision or Third Party Liability claim where you're found more than 25 per cent at fault. You can get up to 43 per cent off your Basic Autoplan premium if you're at level -9 or lower on the claim-rated scale. Optional coverage savings could be even higher.

How at-fault crashes affect your premium

Our claim-rated scale determines the discount applied to your Basic Autoplan premiums. If you’ve had an at-fault crash, you will move up the scale a number of steps to determine your discount at your next insurance renewal.

All drivers earn discounts for every year they are crash-free, to a maximum of 43 per cent. Customers who have caused a crash can regain their previous discount if they go three consecutive years without being responsible for a crash.

See our claim-rated scale chart for details.

Remember that it's not just your own crashes that could count. If someone else drives your vehicle and has an at-fault crash, your claim record may be affected.

If you're a driver with more than three at-fault crashes in three years, you'll pay a Multiple Crash Premium.

Repaying a claim to protect your premium

At fault in a crash and the claim doesn't involve a lot of money? It may make more financial sense to repay the claim, if the amount is less than your premium increase would be.

Our premium impact estimator can help you make a decision about repaying a claim so it won't affect your premium.